Maxville Milestones

The Maxville Milestones is a historical timeline defining key events and objectives that have been achieved and plot the course from conception to the present day of the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center.




  • (Jan. 25) "My Journey On The Promise Road"; Deep West Video Showcase, Western Folklife Festival, Elko, Nevada.
  • (Feb. 1) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center website launched.
  • (Feb. 9) "The Logger's Daughter"; Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary.
  • (Apr. 18) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center becomes fully organized charitable organization.
  • (Apr. 21) Land Use Bill introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden - transfer unused Forest Service compound in Wallowa for Interpretive Center Use.
  • (Oct. 28) Wallowa Ranger Station is officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • (Nov. 3) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center receives grant funding for materials to begin organizing and cataloguing the existing collection as well as other items, such as equipment and software, to continue collection activities.
  • (Dec. 15) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center files for Federal 501(c)(3) Non Profit Status.


  • (Feb. 7) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center receives independent 501(c)(3) organization status.
  • (May 1) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center opens doors to the Enterprise Visitor's Center at 106 S. River St., Enterprise, OR. and takes in $1075.00 in donations, sales and company matching donations the same day.
  • (May 29) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center board votes to support a collaborative relationship with Marv Ross,   award winning songwriter and recording artist,  playwright, and collaborator.  Inspired by historical records, transcripts , interviews of Maxville and OPB/Logger's Daughter, to develop a multicultural "traveling exhibit" theatre production.
  • (June) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center receives grant funding from Soroptimist Club in Enterprise for marketing materials and brochures for $700, $3000 from the Wallowa County Commissioners for matching grant funding.
  • (July) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center receives $500 grant from local Bronze Blues & Brews festival.
  • (August) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center received a letter from the Governor of Oregon congratulating them on the work to preserve and promote this vital little know story and local history. 
  • (September) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center is a host organization for  Federal title five program, Experience Works.  Employing and training re-entering workers 55 and over to the work place.
  • (September) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center hosts service project with Oregon State University grad students(9) Curator/Archivist for Tamástslikt Cultural Institute provided training at Maxville Center in storing and categorizing Maxville Heritage's growing collections. Training took place at the Maxville Heritage visitor center.
  • (September) Smithsonian Civil Rights Project contacted and requested Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center to add it’s transcripts to their national database collection.
  • (December) Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center has agreed to publish our original entry in contribution to the Oregon Encyclopedia.


  • (January) MHIC invited to move to Wallowa by Mayor Philbrook, MHIC
    accepts and will move into the historic City Hall Building.
  • (Jan. 26) "On To Higher Ground”; Deep West Video Showcase, Western Folklife Festival, Elko, Nevada

  • (February) Senator Wyden partners with Senator Merkley to re-introduce Land Use bill.

  • MHIC partners with Fishtrap to bring “The Hillsboro Story” a civil rights play, to Enterprise 

  • MHIC receives a responsive grant from Oregon Humanities to host a post play discussions with patrons, 140 people attend

  • MHIC receives a $1500 grant from the Paccificcorp Foundation to support education          research and archeological study to document the migration of African American loggers from the South

  • MHIC erects an information kiosk at the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, closes Enterprise visitor center in readiness for move to Wallowa

  • (April) MHIC Grand opening brunch and pie auction in Wallowa, raises $ 2000 for April.

  • (May) Land Use bill goes to committee hearing, favorable recommendations from the committee members and USFS representative. No opposition.

  • (July) Land Use bill passes committee.

  • Kinsman Grant Awarded $25,000 for theater project
  • Education Coordinator Kathy Willett is developing education enrichment trunks and workshops for teachers and students, rollout expected in 2012

  • (August) Wallowa County Commissioners agrees to pay half of the transfer fees of the USFS Wallowa Compound up to $2500. The City of Wallowa will pay the remainder
  • 3rd Annual Gathering has added on historic logging demonstrations using field animals,educational activities for youth.


  • (April) Spring Issue of the Forum, a quarterly magazine by the National Trust for Historic Preservation highlights a six page article and imagery of the descendants of Maxville and it's little known Oregon story

  • (June) Summer Issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly published by the Oregon Historical Society featured MHIC, highlighting this Oregon historical record with candid photos

  • (December) Through a facilitated retreat and documentation made possible through grants from the Ford Family Foundation, Pacific Power Foundation and Meyer Memorial Trust, MHIC developed it's 5 Year Strategic Action Plan


  • (April) MHIC moved it's office and exhibit space to The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, a start-up shared creative space. Wallowa County growing hub of cultural and arts organizations in Joseph

  • (June) MHIC was a University of Oregon School of Journalism Capstone project recipient, resulting in a marketing strategic action plan and outreach blog page

  • (June) MHIC hosts the 5th Annual Maxville Gathering in Wallowa, Co-Hosted by the Oregon Historical Society. The theme this year was the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) to honor the USFS key ceremony celebrating the return to Wallowa Compound property after 70 years. The properties were used as the District Ranger Station build by the CCC between 1936 -1938

  • (August) Commission of On To Higher Ground an original MHIC musical play and educational tour by Portland Theater Company was initiated, final funding decision in early August, 2014

  • (October) Fall Issue of Preservation Magazine, The magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation published an article about MHIC's work to preserve local heritage and buildings in and around Maxville, Executive Director, Gwen Trice is highlighted in the article interview

  • (October) Training for three volunteers made possible by a grant from the WildHorse Foundation, initiated planning for a Virtual Exhibit page to showcase our archive photos, audio and video interviews. Pastperfect museum software programming will streamline archive, contact and fundraising campaign activities


  • MHIC is hosting a "field school" with college students from Oregon & Idaho from at least three institutions in 2014-2015.
  • We are working with a consultant to strengthen the fundraising skills of our board members, including developing strategies for our board members and Resource Council members who bring a wealth of experience, personal resources, and networks to MHIC.

  • Boise Cascade Company honored Maxville during their 50-year dedication with a 1915-1916 survey map of the railroad lines and timberlands that includes Maxville.