Saturday, March 05 to Tuesday, February 23, 12:00 AM
"York" is a one-man play depicting the slave serving William Clark in the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Proceeds from the event will benefit local high school and university internships and critical organizational capacity-building for MHIC.

 Jim Kershner of The Spokesman-Review in Salem said: "In a powerful, one-man performance, David Casteal plays the character York as whirlwind, force of nature, vital, laughing, raging bundle of muscle and brain.

This one-man play is told by York, Clark’s childhood companion and slave, who accompanied the Corps of Discovery as the only black man on the expedition. In stirring performance, Casteal weaves the story of York’s challenges and accomplishments, blending gripping first-­person narration with energetic, live African drumming antraditional Native American drum recordings.

Although York proved an important participant in the expedition, as black man and slave he was not recognized as member of the Corps of Discovery until nearly 200 years afterwardIn 2001, President Bill Clinton posthumously awarded York the rank of Honorary Sergeant in the Corps of Discovery.

"York" premiered at the Spokane Civic theatre on April 29, 2005, directed by Susan Hardie and performed by David Casteal. It was performed in New York City in July 2006.

The production was conceived by two Spokane-based talents, Casteal, an actor and African drummer, and playwright Bryan Harnetiaux, Spokane Civic Theatre’s Playwright in Residence, and has been performed acrosthe Pacific Northwest to packed houses and standing ovations.

Tickets for the Enterprise performance may be purchased at the Dollar Stretcher in Enterprise, Joseph Hardware in Joseph and the Lostine Tavern in Lostine at $for students, $10 for seniors and veterans and $15 for general admission. Group ticket sales and other inquiries can be emailed to info@maxvilleheritage.org.

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