MHIC has an ongoing partnership with the Environmental Studies Department at Whitman College, which coordinates several field study programs in Wallowa County.

MHIC collaborates with graduate school programs at Oregon State University during its Fall Rural Studies program. These studies involve but are not limited to participation in tours at the Maxville site, learning about MHIC archives care from visiting curator at the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, and participation in presentation and group dialogue.

Maxville K-12 Educational Opportunities

Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center provides a cultural connection to the historical past of our community. The remoteness of Wallowa County, and a four-day school week provides a unique opportunity to promote our local heritage. Representation of cultural diversity in Wallowa County is well below average. MHIC’s programs and events incorporate our shared past, and promote cultural diversity, through education, and the arts.

Maxville works directly with K-6 grade students in an after-school program and makes presentations in local schools. In addition, MHIC provides opportunities to explore the townsite of Maxville and understand its relevance in Oregon's history.

Collection Internship Program

MHIC offers opportunities to participate in internships for our archive collection program. Collections programming is made possible with grants from Oregon Heritage and WildHorse Foundation

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