Memorials and Honoraria

The descendants and friends of Maxville celebrate this cultural heritage by honoring or remembering a loved one with a gift or donation. A dedicated space is under development to honor our neighbors, friends, loved ones. 
  • Pearl Alice Marsh & LaDon Marsh established the Amos Marsh Jr Scholarship
  • Amos Marsh, McKinney, TX: In Memory of Mary & Amos Marsh 
  • Randy & Barb James: donation of the kitchen railroad car in Dedication to Brainard Woodrow “BW” James, father and long-time logger. 
  • Francis Buckles: in memory of her mother Beverly Putnam. Historian of Wallowa County, for the education of herself and others. 
  • Ronee Riggles: youth education programming in memory of her mother Madeline Riggles, who taught at Maxville. 
  • Verna Graham-Browne: In Memory of Art Graham Rhonda Sater: In Memory of Georgie Mays