Historical Photos

Doc Gregory's Snowy Delay

Doc's sleigh, overturned in deep snow on the road to Wallowa.

Amos Jr and Frank Marsh at Maxville

Frank 2 and Amos Marsh Jr. 4 yrs old. Photo taken at Maxville

Don Riggles and son Jack

Don Riggles was ne of the woods crew (sawyers) boss, at Maxville. Don lived and worked the area in and around Maxville and Minam on Smith Mountain.

Snow Man in Winter, Maxville

Jack Riggles makes good use of several feet of fallen snow.

Wintery Wooden Water Tower

Maxville water tower for stream locomotives.

Jack Riggles stands near historic lodge

Jack Riggles stands In front of Bowman-Hicks building at Maxville , this photo was taken in 1929.

Maxville community neighbors

Behind the women and children different Maxville building.

Maxville Home

Jack Riggles stands near his home in Maxville.

Maxville's African American School

First known segregated school in Oregon.

Train trestle construction near Maxville

Originally identified as a train trestle, this structure has now known to be a lime quarry.

Maxville children

Winter weather allows us insight to clothing worn in this cold climate during the late 1920's.

Gene Lively's place

Gene Lively spent his early years at Maxville and has shared many photos and stories of past.