TIMBER CULTURE: Race & Equity in Oregon Logging Culture



    Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center invites people of all ages to a monthly series of interactive events examining issues of race and social justice through the lens of Oregon's history.


    In sharing and discussing the history of the segregated logging community of Maxville, OR we invite you to a shared exploration of personal and cultural heritage in the Pacific Northwest.


    Join members of the band Timberbound, executive director Gwen Trice, and our community of artists, activists and historians as we delve into our history to inform our approach to the future!

    Interactive, all ages, call and response songs will be presented in the afternoon, and a performance of logging songs composed near Vernonia, Oregon will take place at 3:30 on January 12th, 2019

    These events will take place from 10am - 5pm every 2nd Saturday of the month, January - June 2019.

    Free with Museum Admission!
    $7 for adults
    $6 for seniors (age 62+)
    $5 for youth (3 through 18)
    free for children under 3

    World Forestry Center - Discovery Museum
    4033 SW Canyon Rd.
    Portland, OR 97221




    Drawn together from different cultures during the great migration, an inclusive look at Oregon's multicultural logging communities.

    [Photo - Maxville After Chores]                                                                             


    This event is funded in part by the ​Wildhorse Foundation​.

    Co-hosted by the Oregon Historical Society


    There will be opportunities for learning institutions, heritage societies, libraries and museums to bring this 20 piece traveling exhibit and Director's presentation to your town.


    We're scheduling now for Augusst, September and October 2019 inquire about scheduling in 20​20.



    To schedule a time or inquire about booking details, contact: