2013 Milestones

2013 Milestones
  • (April) MHIC moved it's office and exhibit space to The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, a start-up shared creative space. Wallowa County growing hub of cultural and arts organizations in Joseph

  • (June) MHIC was a University of Oregon School of Journalism Capstone project recipient, resulting in a marketing strategic action plan and outreach blog page 

  • (June) MHIC hosts the 5th Annual Maxville Gathering in Wallowa, Co-Hosted by the Oregon Historical Society. The theme this year was the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) to honor the USFS key ceremony celebrating the return to Wallowa Compound property after 70 years. The properties were used as the District Ranger Station build by the CCC between 1936 -1938 

  • (August) Commission of On To Higher Ground an original MHIC musical play and educational tour by Portland Theater Company was initiated, final funding decision in early August, 2014 

  • (October) Fall Issue of Preservation Magazine, The magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation published an article about MHIC's work to preserve local heritage and buildings in and around Maxville, Executive Director, Gwen Trice is highlighted in the article interview 

  • (October) Training for three volunteers made possible by a grant from the WildHorse Foundation, initiated planning for a Virtual Exhibit page to showcase our archive photos, audio and video interviews. Pastperfect museum software programming will streamline archive, contact and fundraising campaign activities

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