Grants Highlight Maxville in 2012

Grants Highlight Maxville in 2012

Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center (MHIC) is excited about grants that promote it's work in the local community! 

A grant from Meyer Memorial Trust will provide funding toward wages to hire Executive Director, Gwen Trice. This funding assures MHIC gets dedicated support to move forward programming and facilities planning.

A grant from Ford Family Foundation and Pacificorp Foundation provided funding for a strategic facilitator and board retreat in October, 2012. MHIC's executive board has 100% participation in the long term strategic planning, development and implementation process.

A grant from the WildHorse Foundation provides services and supplies to train, expand and enhance our  museum archive database and provide the next step to presenting our photo, transcript and video archives for the public.

An advised grant from the Oregon Community Foundation provided an arts and education grant to MHIC. We  previewed scenes and original songs for our musical play, On To Higher Ground during our first regional fundraiser in Portland at the World Forestry Center! 

On To Higher Ground is a fictional play based on historical accounts, research and transcripts. A full production is slated to debut sometime in 2014.


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