Maxville Traveling Exhibit - State Capitol

Maxville Traveling Exhibit - State Capitol


We've invited our region's State Senator, Bill Hansell, to say a few words. Executive Director Gwendolyn Trice will give a brief presentation that explores the themes driving our exhibition, and answer questions about inspiration for individual photos that depict the lives of loggers and their families drawn together from different cultures during the great migration, an inclusive look at Oregon's multicultural logging communities.

The presentation i​at the State Capitol will run from January 29th - February 15th. 

This ​traveling exhibit was made possible in part, with a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation.

There will be opportunities for learning institutions, heritage societies, libraries and museums to bring this 20 piece traveling exhibit and Director's presentation to your town.


We're scheduling now! Plan on 7 - 10 day display at your site depending upon availability.

Western Oregon: February 16 - March 31st, 2018

Eastern Oregon: April 1st - May 31st 2018

To schedule a time or inquire about booking details, contact: Gwen


Phone:  541-426-3545


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