MHIC Visitor Center Open House

MHIC Visitor Center Open House

Enterprise Visitor's Center Open House - May 1, 2010

106 S. River St., Enterprise, OR

Thank you to everyone who visited with us at the Open House. We are excited to have a physical presence in the community and look forward to seeing more of you in the weeks and months to come as we continue to develop our programs, as well as add and train volunteers.

MHIC is very pleased to work with talented individuals such as Debbie Lind, our Volunteer Coordinator, and Joan Madsen, Graphic Designer (who created our logo, brochures, and 2010 Annual Gathering flyer) . These individuals have provided invaluable services, time, and energy to help develop and promote the Maxville story. In addition, the photos on this page of our Open House were taken by Debbie, an accomplished photographer.

A word from and brief bio of Debbie:

"Our community needs to remember the stories of the Maxville people and how it shaped their community and their history. Around every corner, there is a place, a time, a person that has made Wallowa what it is today.
As a volunteer I regularly attend Maxville events; and the people are hungry to share their story about what Maxville meant to them and their family. They don't want that story to be lost in broken down trestles or empty spaces of land where once stood their lives.
As a volunteer coordinator I help recruit people for the Maxville project. My work is helping bring into view a small slice of the Pacific Northwest history and give more people insight to the Maxville Heritage project. It is truly a fun and exciting venture to be a part of.
As a photographer, I am capturing the face of what is being done to restore Maxville's past. I am happy to be a part of capturing the photographic record of personal histories and the events that the Maxville project has revitalized in our community. It is not only a way of telling the individual’s and community’s story, but also to show the progress and support of the Maxville project. What I like best is photographing the faces of the people who are having fun telling their story.
I am living history, but at the same time I don't think of it that way. Let time pass, look back on my life and when I am 80, I can say 'I remember when....' Who knows, someone may just want to listen to me! What a good feeling this must be. "

Debbie Lind moved to Wallowa County in 1991 with her husband Ken, and their two children. She is the Wallowa Public Librarian. She has been a photographer for over 35 years and a member of the Wallowa Valley Photo Club for nearly 18 years. A few of her photographs have appeared in the annual calendar over the years. She uses her photography to design greeting cards and prints for sale. She enjoys writing children's stories and has published three volumes of poems in a collection called ON THE PLAYGROUND-Poems Inspired by the Spirit of Children and the Devotion of Teachers.

A word from and brief bio of Joan:

“When starting to work on the Maxville Heritage identity, I met with Gwen Trice and we talked about all that Maxville was and stands for now. We had a lot of great information and ideas, but needed to narrow this complex history down to the basics. We wanted to show that this town was not only a logging town, but also how important the railroad was to its establishment and survival. In addition, there were specific symbols that Gwen felt were very important; like the crosscut saw. Above all, we wanted the logo to tell a story of teamwork.”

Joan Madsen has worked as a graphic designer/illustrator for over 18 years in Eugene and in Eastern Oregon. She enjoys learning about new businesses and organizations when taking on new clients and can’t imagine a better career. Her designs have appeared in books such as Graphics Logo Design 6 and Print’s Best Logos and Symbols.

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