Theatrical Program plan is underway

Theatrical Program plan is underway

Marv Ross, Gwen Trice, and Rindy Ross.
(L to R): Marv Ross, Gwen Trice, and Rindy Ross.

Maxville Heritage and Marv Ross have embarked upon a collaborative musical theatre project about the historical logging culture of the 1920's and 1930's in Wallowa County. Marv has recently completed the first draft of a treatment titled On To Higher Ground, which explores African American and Caucasian cultures impacted by the development of the segregated lumber camp that became known as Maxville. The project would be a fictional play inspired by historical research, transcripts and interviews.

May 29th Gwen Trice, Executive Director of Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center (MHIC) and Marv Ross of Marv Ross Productions, gave a presentation at Fishtrap,  an organization that "promotes clear thinking and good writing in and about the West".

Gwen shared their meeting and visioning of this theatrical program with a special presentation by Marv on crafting a script and the development of characters that experience conflict , arc, and transformation will be discussed. The process of creating a story that is suited for the stage (as opposed to the novel, a short story, a song, or a film) will also be explored as well as the challenges inherent in writing musicals. Questions and input from all attending were welcomed by Marv & Rindy who have helped create three previous original musicals, The Ghosts of Celilo, Voices From The Oregon Trail, and Triangle Theatre's upcoming show '69 - The Sexual Revolution Musical.

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