Theater Project

MHIC is collaborating with Portland-based playwright Marv Ross, on a musical play titled On to Higher Ground, which explores the social, personal, and industrial community of the lumber camp at Maxville. We screened a special preview from the play on October 25th, 2012 at our World Forestry Center Fundraiser in Portland OR.

The play is a fictional story based on transcripts, interviews and historical research, the music will be a mix of traditional Gospel and historic songs. The casting will be small and the production will utilize local talent as much as possible to engage Oregon residents in Maxville’s history and facilitate the play’s projected tour through Eastern and Western Oregon 

The play has gone through several rewrites, a closed reading was held in April, 2012, local Portland actors were brought in to read through the play providing a wealth of discoveries in the process of hearing these talented voices bring our characters to life.

Click here for the latest preview of our play!